About Us

About us


Stir Fry Express is family owned and operated restaurant located in Miller Hill Mall, Duluth MN. Our first store was open April 14th 2018. Our idea is to give our guests power to choose what and how much they want to eat, and that's why we decided to roll out first " self serve buffet" in the mall ( food court)environment  in the Midwest.

Menu Offerings


Fried rice with vegetables, Lo mein Asian noodles, Chicken with broccoli, Buttery fried potatoes, Grilled teriyaki chicken, Sweet & Sour chicken, Sweet & Spicy chicken stir fry, Beef stir fry, Sesame chicken, Kung pa chicken, Mushrooms, Cream cheese wontons, Chicken egg roll, Veggie Spring rolls.

Quality guaranteed


We believe that Quality and fresh ingredients are only way to go! We do not take short cuts when it comes to flavor, experience and satisfaction! We do not use MSG!

"self serve buffet sold by weight $6.99/lb

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Our Chef and Staff


Our chef's have multi year experience in Asian cuisine. We believe that experience matter! 

Special Events and Catering


Our restaurant is available for private events: weddings, business lunches. Contact us for more information

Loyalty program


Our generous LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM is simple and very easy! Visit us 5 times and get 6th meal on the house!